Monday, 17 June 2019

Game Day 2- Uganda Lacrosse League 2019

"Team work makes the dream work".

Panthers lacrosse team won second straight game of the ULL with out back bone player's Ochan Reagan and Komakech Edward both canditates in S4 class while they were off on a school program. These two together with another youngster Watumbe Clinton are the trio to beat for all the opponents in the league.
Ssazi Kenneth ( 9 face off wins and 1 assist)
YMCA Warriors struggled containing the rowdy Panthers attack led by Kasule Kenneth who registered a quick hatrick in the first half.
Inter-play between Keny Dean a.k.a Ssazi Keneth with Nsubuga Faizo helped a loss by 0 but all indications show need for more team work in order for the team to get better.

Game Day 2 full results.

Panthers 9-1 YMCA Warriors

*Panthers Lacrosse*

Kasule Kenneth 3
Watumbe Clinton 3
Otim Ronald 1
Otim Benjamin 1
Twesiime Liberty 1

*YMCA Warriors*
Nsubuga Faizo 1

Man of the Game
Ssazi Kenneth *( 9 face off wins and 1 assist)*
Chosen based on points collection.
Otim Benjamin was on the score board for Panthers at 16 years old.
MUBS vs Panthers 22/06/2019

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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Game Day 1 Results - Uganda Lacrosse League 2019

Great start for 16 year old's Akena Steven scoring for defending Champs Panthers Lacrosse Club.
its more than a game, its a brotherhood

Game Day 1 full results
Panthers 10 - 7 MUBS
Panthers Lacrosse Club
Ochan Reagan 3
Twesiime Liberty 2
Watumbe Clinton 1
Kasule Kenneth 1 
Komakech Edward 1
Otim Ronald 1
Akena Stephen 1

MUBS Lacrosse Club
Onen David 3
Lubangakene Keith 2
Odiira Collins 1.

YMCA Warriors Lacrosse walk over Jinja Nile Zulus Lacrosse Club. 
Panthers Lacrosse Club full roster
Team talk-Panthers Lacrosse

No amount of rain can stop the game.

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Friday, 7 June 2019

Uganda Lacrosse League 2019 kicks off this weekend.


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Twesiime Liberty.

Friday, 24 May 2019

Uganda U19 girls First round national team try out's 1st and 2nd June 2019 Mehta Stadium Lugazi

Uganda Lacrosse U19 girls Coach Chrissy Schreiber and Taylor Penell have scheduled for national team try outs between 30th May and 8th June 2019.

First round try out's 1st and 2nd June 2019 Mehta Stadium Lugazi and 8th and 9th MUBS Ground's Nakawa.

This will be an open try out where all Ugandans in and out of the country can come and be part of the team selection.

No charges or fees will be paid by the players to be apart of the national team, only Ugandan citizens are eligible for this opportunity.

Team Uganda will camp in USA for a week before crossing into Canada where games will run from 1-10/Aug/2019.

As Uganda Lacrosse we are honored to be playing the opening game of the world games against Ireland.

Thanks for the support thus far

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Uganda U19 Women's Lacrosse in the 1st game of the 2019 World Championship

2019 U-19 Women's Lacrosse World Championship

Uganda to face Ireland in the opening game of the 2019 U19 Women's Lacrosse World Championship on 1st August 2019.

With fixtures currently out and exact game time, as the people of Uganda Lacrosse fraternity, we are more excited that finally the woman’s game is finally coming to the world lacrosse stage where men’s team have played twice at senior level in 2014 and 2018 respectively.
1st Aug Ireland vs Uganda
3rd Aug Uganda vs Czech Republic
4th Aug Mexico vs Uganda
5th  Aug Uganda vs Chinese Taipei
Gaswaga Gaylene
Players Tushemeirwe Ruth, Nalwadda Flavia and Gaswaga Gaylene will be the pivotal players for the very young Ugandan team that has been a dominant force against regional neighbors who will together with Uganda will be the record 2 African nations at the world games out of the total 23 from across all continents..
Ruth Tushemereirwe against Kenya Nov 2018

Saturday, 26 January 2019


The historical game day 1 had 5 teams kick off their quest for being crowned the 1st champions of the SLL. A mammoth crowd formed at Six aside arena in Kyambogo to watch the beautiful game a considerable number of people for the first time. As lacrosse administrators in a young program this is what we look forward to, new people learning and getting attracted.

"I have been hosting mini-lacrosse one day tournaments over the last 5 years but after being selected to represent this country Uganda at the Israel World games 2018,  am ready for a more consistent and organised league format of lacrosse."- Twesiime Liberty SLL Coordinator.
Twesiime Liberty-Attack Panthers Lacrosse (Super Lacrosse League Coordinator)
Lacrosse is a continuous learning process and league play through the year will be a major platform for the majorly young players to develop both athletic and social skills important to harness further opportunities as the grow up.

Full game day results.
Silverbacks 9-2 Panthers
Prisons NileCrocs 2-5 Silverbacks
Panthers 3-4 Prisons NileCrocs
Maroons 8-9 MUBS
Uganda Cranes select 8-9 U19 Boys Select Team(OT)
Uganda Cranes select 8-9 U19 Boys Select Team(OT)

Great lacrosse action that had people cheering from the 1st minutes up until the Exhibition game ended in overtime.
Ogik George drew the 1st blood and Twesiime Liberty equaled matters before 2nd quarter ended 3-6 in favour of the U19 boys team.
Ohan Sam[15] ensuring tight defense in mid field.

Albert Mugaga stopping a shot from Ochan Reaga[ 99].
Unwilling to loose to juniors Okura John Paul had scored 4 times Twesiime Liberty and Ssazi Kenneth twice each at full-time just to force an overtime game decider where game day overall MVP Komakech Edward scored the golden goal for the junior's to claim their biggest win so far.
Goal scorers
Komakech Edward 5
Ochan Reagan 2
Mukaga John Brian 1
Ogik George 1
Okura John Paul 4
Twesiime Liberty 2
Saazi Kenneth 2

Yours in Lacrosse

Twesiime Liberty.
#23 Uganda Lacrosse National Team 
Israel World Games 2018.
Principal Coordinator-Africa Lacrosse
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Saturday, 5 January 2019

Uganda Select U19 team kicks off World games pursuit in Kenya.

Uganda Select U19 team plays at the Inaugural Kenya open schools championship.
Ruth Tushemerirwe against Kenya in Nov 2018

Uganda U19 select lacrosse team that traveled to on 5 with 27 man delegation to Kenya won 4 of 5 game's, thanks to Coach Dorothy Nakato for leading the girls in back to back high performance games that yielded a desirable result for the team.

Kalaba SS 0-7 Uganda Select
Moi Girls Nangili 0-3 Uganda Select
Moi Girls Eldoret 4-3 Uganda Select
Mukumu girls 0-3 Uganda Select

Messiah College(USA) 7-2 Uganda Select
Atuhaire Naume

Kenya 10-1 Messiah college(USA)

Uganda Scorers
Sherena Mwenyangwe 5
Sasha Philips 3
Atuhaire Naume 2
Keza Natasha 1
Namutebi Scovia 1
Tushemerirwe Ruth 1
Nalwada Flavia 1

The event hosted by Kenya Lacrosse at Mukumu in the mid Western province and powered by Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Major focus is to create enough game time and playing experience for the players that will make the final cuts for the national teams that are representing Kenya and Uganda at the years U19 championship in Canada. #LetsGoGirls #AfricaLacrosse